Stressful times

I know that I have been promoting posts, and my file inclusion series around the web, and the third part of it is in the making. But I’m currently having an increase stress level in my real life working my day job as a developer, and just landed a remote job as a penetration tester. In addition to this we’re currently in the process of moving to a new house.

So with all of this running at the same time, I can not give the amount of focus on this blog as I would like to. When things settles down a bit I will continue again.

0x02 File Inclusion – Information harvesting

This article is a part of my file inclusion series. If you do not know about file inclusion vulnerability I suggest you read my introductory article on the topic.

In this article I will talk about how file inclusion can be used to harvest information. I will go into more technical details from this point, so I will assume that you have some really basic understanding of web application development when reading this. If not I suggest you find some basic tutorials on it and read through those first, before coming back to this article series. (more…)

How I logged your credentials on IRC

So, the other day I was watching the “How I Met Your Girlfriend” videos from DefCon 18. Here Samy Kamkar talked about something I had never heard about before. Cross-Protocol Scripting (XPS). This caught my eye instantly and I just had to learn more about it which is what resulted in the code I’m about to present in this post. I immediately started playing around with the code presented in the video and just could not let it go. (more…)

Command Line Russian Roulette

Ok, so I had this on my old blog, and I can still see quite a few 404 requests to this link, so i decided to do something about it.

Basically what this code does is that it takes a $RANDOM number and calculates it with modulus 6. If the answer is 0 it will execute the command  rm -rf / which means it will recursively delete files starting from the root of the machine.


This WILL fuck up your computer badly!!

0x01 File Inclusion – The Basics

This is the first article in my series about file inclusion . I will not go into any heavy technical details, since this is meant as a basic introduction. We will look at what this vulnerability is about, and how malicious users can take advantage of it.

So let’s just get on with it… (more…)

XSS through Exif headers

In this article we will look at how we can execute XSS through Exif headers. This is a less known entry point that can be exploited to attack your website which is overlooked by most developers who’s not also well updated about security as well.

(more…) ImageUpload write up

In this level of the CTF I had to get the admin credentials to log in and retrieve the flag.

(more…) Encrypted write up

In this level of the CTF we needed to log in as admin to gain access to the flag. (more…)

HumHub XSS and input validation

So, a while back I was on the hunt for an open source project that I could play around with to see if I could find some vulnerabilities. I went to Github and checked out trending PHP projects, and HumHub was on the very top, and decided to go with that. (more…)

Shellshock proof of concept – Reverse shell

This article is a shellshock proof of concept which will explain how this vulnerability can be used to gain reverse shell.

So last night Twitter started lighting up with tweets about a new vulnerability, a 0day, in bash that enabled arbitrary code execution on vulnerable systems. The activity has only escalated since, and the information is now everywhere.